Newborn FAQ

**Please note all newborn sessions are scheduled to start NO later than 11am in order to be completed by 2pm.**

  • All sessions take place in my boutique studio or at your home by prior arrangement. At home sessions incure a £100 flat fee for mileage and preparation of the mobile studio.
  • When is the best time to book my newborn session? The best time to book is before baby arrives! I suggest contacting me while still pregnant, any time from your 20 week scan to let me know your due date.  We can then provisionally book you in for the first 4-14 days after your due date.  
  • What is the best age to photograph my newborn? The best age to photograph a newborn is between 4-14 days, 21 days at most following birth. The sooner the better as during this time frame babies are more likely to sleep soundly when being re positioned. They still have that beautiful baby curliness which helps positioning.
  • What if my baby is 14 days or older and I want to book a session? Babies over the age of two weeks have more awake time,  wake much easier when being repositioned and generally don’t sleep as soundly as “younger” newborns. If your baby is still FAST asleep after feeds then we can talk about a session!
  • When will sessions will be scheduled?Monday – Saturday A.M. only. After much experience with newborns I have found that sessions work better for babies in the morning.
  • How long will I be with you? 1 – 3.5 hours. Please be aware when booking that this session may run into feeding times, you are more than welcome to feed your baby at the studio. It is best to schedule the session around nap times for babies 4 weeks+
  • For breast Fed Babies– Please refrain from eating any spicy or gassy foods, such as curries, beans and pulses. Please refrain from drinking caffeine 12 hours before the session. If your baby has a milk intolerance any milky drinks the day before the session. Food and food intolerances can make babies uncomfortable, unable to sleep and we will have to rearrange the session.  
  • Please keep baby awake! I know this can be hard but as much as possible in the morning. You can do this by letting them kick about with no nappy or by giving them a bath. This will help to get a more sleepy baby when you arrive at the studio. Please bring a dummy just in case we cant get them to sleep, I have found that breast fed babies are more unsettled and the dummy helps them relax. They will only need it for an hour or so through the session, even if you don’t plan on using them long term and in some cases this can be the only saviour on the day. Dress baby in just a baby grow, no vest. Add extra layers to keep them warm on the drive in.
  • If you are bringing siblings ~ please bring toys or iPads for entertainment. I will always start the session with siblings and family, that way we can get the best images before they get bored. With siblings please ensure they are fed, not too tired and have a clean face when arriving to the studio.
  • What should we wear? Parent and sibling sessions can be skin to skin or clothed. If clothed please dress in plain colours, white,  cream or grey. No logos or bright colours! Mums to wear dresses or comfortable tops, Dads in plain neutral tops. Sibling girls can wear dresses and head bands, again in white or cream. For boys either plain tees or tops off.
  • When should I book my newborn session? I book newborn sessions based on due dates, but confirmation of the date will be given once baby is born.
    I only take around 12 newborn bookings each month so please book as soon as you can.
  • Will I get print release to print my photos after the session?  Yes! Upon receiving your images you will also get full print release.
  • Will you Photoshop my images to hide any unwanted spots or wrinkles etc? Edits will be made to all of your images. I remove flakes, baby acne, wrinkles or spots to make your images even more beautiful. If you don’t want me to fully retouch yours or your baby’s skin, please let me know. Please do not cover your baby in baby oil or cream the morning of the session. The residue can create bounce back on the skin and look oily. 


My cosy boutique studio is located in Preston,  Lancashire. It’s only an hours drive from South Manchester, Liverpool, and 40 minutes from Lancaster and The Ribble Valley. The studio is kept clean, cosy and warm for your session and I offer comfy seating with bottled water, coffee and other refreshments on hand. All sessions are booked in the studio during the following hours:


Monday: 10am – 2pm
Tuesday: 10am – 2pm
Wednesday: 10am – 2pm
Thursday: 10am – 2pm
Friday: 10am – 2pm
Saturday: 10am 
Sunday: CLOSED
The studio is closed in the evenings and on Sundays


**Please note all newborn sessions are scheduled during weekdays ONLY to start NO later than 11am in order to be completed by 2pm.**


Office Hours

All emails and phone call inquires are answered during office hours which are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Any calls or emails received outside of these hours will be returned during the next business day.